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Karen Dawn Curtis

Milk Jug - Spring Day Blue

Milk Jug - Spring Day Blue

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Milk Jug - Spring Day Blue

Dimensions: w. 8.2 cm x h. 9.9 cm x d. 13 cm

Thrown by hand in clay coloured by oxide, each of these milk jugs is unique in texture and character while following the same pattern of form and size. Each handle is hand-pulled in a complimentary oxide-coloured clay.

Fired to 1200ᵒC, the cool and gentle tones of this cup reflect how Spring moves us from pale Winter to vivid Summer. The soothing grey exterior carries the first hints of blue sky; inside the colour is intensified by the glaze and speckled with bursts of rich blue. The soft, neutral shades of the handle compliment the overall placidity of the jug.

Designed for hot or cold beverages, the milk jugs are dishwasher safe.

The exterior of the clay feels like a sandy stone surface; contrasted by the smooth feel of the glazed interior, similar to a shiny pebble. Each milk jug is handmade with love, carrying an imperfection that makes them unique and beautiful in their own right. The potter Karen Dawn Curtis hopes you will connect with her homeware, it will bring you the peace and rest of the countryside, and you will enjoy using it again and again.

Each of the items is unique so the object you will receive will have a slight variation, either with colour, size or shape, then the objects in the photograph, but it will carry the same high standard of craftsmanship and aesthetic.

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